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  • Work as a Software Security Engineer
    Azure Security team
    at Microsoft
  • Graduated in Information Security
    Information Networking Institute (INI)
    Carnegie Mellon University (May 2013)

  • Email: sadhikar [AT] alumnni [DOT] cmu [DOT] edu

You can never say "It's Secure !!!", its just not yet Broken!!!

Work Experience
Research Interests
Web Security and Privacy, Protocol Security, Cryptography, Reverse Engineering and Software Security.
Research Experience
Research Projects
Academic Projects
  • Exploiting against ASLR and DEP based Systems

    Studied ASLR and DEP based systems and wrote exploits like GOT Hijacking and return to libc, in order to control program flow

  • Applying Information Assurance on IT based Networks

    This involved Penetration Testing on a IT based network, Host based hardening of Linux and Windows Systems, Implementing Multi-platform Network Time Synchronization, Network Tra^Nc monitoring with vulnerability scanning

  • Vulnerability Assessment of a Virtually hosted Web Application

    This project involved analyzing and exploiting web vulnerabilities like XSS, CSRF, SQL Injection and others, using tools like skipfish and to suggest remediation for the same.

  • Host-based Intrusion detection using Open Source Security (OSSEC)

    Worked in a team to implement file integrity checking, syslog monitoring, log based IDS and active responses using OSSEC on a simulated virtual network. OSSEC is an open source, cross-platform host-based intrusion detection system (IDS). It provides intrusion detection for many operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, MAC OSX and Solaris. It has a centralized and cross-platform architecture which enables any administrator to monitor and manage multiple systems

Honors and Awards